• Can laser treat my retinal cyst?


    I’ve have a cyst in the middle of the retina, which has been treated with drops and injections. It went away with an injection over a year ago. It has returned and has been treated with drops for the last three months. The first six weeks it shrank but during the second, there was no change. I read about removing it with a laser--what can you tell me about that?


    Cysts (a sac of tissue that can be filled with fluid or other substances) can form in the center part of the retina (the macula) for many different reasons and the treatment of the cyst depends on what caused it.

    Sometimes observation by your ophthalmologist during follow-up visits is all that’s needed. At other times, cysts are treated with medicine injections in the eye or even vitrectomy surgery (removal of fluid inside the eye to access and treat cyst).

    If there is swelling due to leakage from diabetes or other conditions, laser may help, but this would require a thorough discussion with your retinal specialist. A comprehensive exam is needed to find the underlying cause and the correct treatment for your cyst.

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