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  • Can my child’s 20/30 vision harm his visual system in the long-term?


    Will being corrected to visual acuity of only 20/30 cause long term harm for my child's development? My 6-year-old failed his screening at age 5 and was prescribed glasses for astigmatism, but they could only get him to 20/40. Another doctor got him to 20/30, which still causes him to fail vision screening at his pediatrician's. I'm trying to get him to a pediatric ophthalmologist, but I'm not having much luck.

    Is 20/30 good enough that he could be corrected to 20/20 down the road or does this mean his visual system will not wire correctly?


    A best corrected visual acuity of 20/30 in one eye will typically have little long-term impact on your child's development. The most important factor in obtaining the best vision possible is a child having the most accurate refractive error correction (glasses). This helps the visual system work with the brain to develop a child’s vision to its maximum potential.

    If you can manage to book an appointment, a comprehensive exam with a pediatric ophthalmologist is best to determine accurate correction and guide treatment.