• Will My Toddler's Myopia Improve?


    My child is 3 ½-years-old. Suddenly her eye blinking rate was high and we took her to an eye specialist. We were shocked to learn that she has cylindrical power with -2 in left eye and -3 in right eye. The doctor asked that she wear spectacles while watching TV, writing or reading and to return in a month. Is it possible for kids this age to experience a reversal of myopia?


    Cylindrical power in the eyeglasses means that astigmatism (irregularly shaped cornea) was the main cause of refractive error. I am uncertain what the sphere measurements in your child’s eyes are, which would help to determine whether there is also myopia or hyperopia (nearsightedness and farsightedness, respectively). You should hope to see symptom improvement, but should not expect to see a reversal of the refractive error from this brief use of eyeglasses. Refractive error does change throughout childhood so your daughter should be monitored periodically for such a change in refractive error as well as her visual ability.