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  • Can pigment dispersion syndrome change eye color?


    My wife was recently diagnosed with pigment dispersion syndrome (or PDS, when pigment cells detach from the iris and float inside the eye). It's been caught early on and her pressure levels are all normal. However, the diagnosis has left her rather depressed as she is an avid exerciser and cares about the appearance of her eyes. Over time will PDS cause her eyes to change color drastically to where they are noticeably different colors?


    PDS usually does not cause a noticeable change in eye color. The pigment released in this syndrome is from a tissue layer on the back of the iris, which is liberated when it rubs against the front surface of the lens. Happily, this tissue layer is not the source of one’s eye color. So, while in rare instances, so much pigment is released into the eye that the iris can take on a slightly brown tinge, this is really quite infrequent and should not be a concern.

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