• Can Results from LASIK Reverse Over Time?


    Can a LASIK procedure reverse itself in the years to come and put your vision back where it was before LASIK?


    The tissue that is removed during LASIK is gone forever and your vision should never go back to the way it was. However other changes in your eye can make the effect seem to lessen over time. Aging of the lens of your eye (pre-cataract changes known as presbyopia, which begin in our 50s) will affect your near vision and, in the case of large myopic (nearsighted) corrections, the epithelium over the lasered area has sometimes been found to thicken more than normal and this can account for very small changes in refraction. But never back to what it was. The LASIK itself never reverses. Talk with your ophthalmologist to get more specific attention to your concerns.

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