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  • Can retinal conditions affect your prescription?


    Can retinal diseases affect the distance between the retina and lens and induce myopia? For example, if central serous retinopathy is "resolved" as much as possible, would you retain prior visual acuity, aside from retinal damage?  


    Yes. In any condition where the sensory retina (light sensitive tissue lining the back wall of the eye) is elevated, like in central serous retinopathy, the distance between the lens and the retina is altered. This changes the focusing power of the eye and can make you less nearsighted (i.e., less myopic). When the condition improves and the retina returns to its normal position, you should regain prior focusing power assuming there has been no retinal damage. Retinal diseases, including central serous retinopathy, may damage the retinal cells that generate vision, and even if the swelling goes away returning the retina to its normal position, the vision may still remain impaired.

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