• Can retinal holes get worse or develop further?


    Can retinal holes get worse or develop further? My father is having one in his left eye but the doctor said having surgery on it will not assure a hundred percent cure of the hole. We are not sure what to do with it. Thanks.


    Yes, some retinal holes or retinal tears can get worse and new retinal holes or tears can develop. Retinal holes or tears occur in about 6% of the population, but most retinal holes or tears do not require treatment. Typically, only retinal holes/tears that are causing symptoms such as flashing lights or are associated with retinal detachment are treated. If there are no symptoms, most retinal holes can be watched. If your ophthalmologist thinks the retinal hole requires treatment, there is concern about a retinal detachment. Although nothing works 100% of the time, treatment of retinal holes is usually successful.

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