• Surgery to repair eyelid function


    My mother met with a serious accident and her upper lid is totally damaged and 70 percent gone. Her eye is permanently open now. Is there any type of surgery so that she can close her eye and blink normally? The doctor says they can make it close but not blink.


    It is unfortunate that your mother was in an accident. Of course, she would best be served by getting an additional in-person opinion from an oculoplastic surgeon. It is true that it may be impossible to return the blink if so much of the eyelid was injured. Though one can reconstruct the area with a flap, the tissue will likely not have the specific anatomic structures required for blink (i.e. seventh nerve function, orbicularis and even levator muscle). Once the eyelid has been reconstructed your surgeon will be able to discuss the options for opening and closing, such as a gold weight or frontalis suspension. These complex decisions are best handled in person so that they can be customized for your mother.

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