• Why Does Capsule Become Blurry After Cataract Surgery?


    Why does the capsule become opacified after cataract surgery?


    The posterior capsule of the lens is actually a part of the lens you were born with. When your cataract is removed, the capsule is left as a barrier between the surgical area and the vitreous gel that fills the back of the eye. It is a living membrane and after the lens is removed from within the capsule, lens epithelial cells remain and proliferate over the capsule in an abnormal attempt to regrow lens material. This growth of cells continues across the posterior capsule like a scaffolding and as it becomes more dense, it can impair vision. This eventually happens in all post cataract patients. A simple YAG procedure is used to vaporize the center of the capsule with a laser thus removing the cell growth—problem cured!

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