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  • Is it advisable to have cataract surgery with the presence of map dot fingerprint dystrophy?


    Is it advisable to have cataract surgery with the presence of map-dot-fingerprint dystrophy? This corneal dystrophy was first mentioned to me after cataract surgery to the right eye. At that time I was told it is present in both eyes. Now I am hesitating to have the cataract removed from the left eye and wondering if the surgery is potentially more disruptive to the cornea.


    Map dot corneal dystrophy is commonly observed in the older members of the population. It is typically a mild condition that can cause discomfort and an irritated feeling in the involved eye. Some cases of map dot dystrophy as worse than others. Cataract surgery might aggravate the situation in the immediate postoperative period, but these issues are easily managed in most cases. Cataract surgery should be performed when a person suffers a functional disability with their vision that can reasonably be expected to be improved with cataract surgery. If your vision has reached the point where vital functions of your daily living have been diminished or curtailed, I would advise that you call your ophthalmologist and discuss the risks and benefits of cataract surgery in the presence of map dot dystrophy.

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