• How is cataract surgery different for someone with high myopia?


    Is there any difference in the way cataract surgery is performed on a person having mild myopia (nearsightedness) versus an extremely myopic person (-20)? I realize that I may have a higher risk of retinal detachment.


    The actual surgery should not be much different. Sometimes very highly myopic patients can have other anatomic abnormalities that make the surgery potentially more complicated but this is not common. You are correct that there is a higher risk of retinal detachment in highly myopic patients after cataract surgery. It is also possible that there are other eye abnormalities associated with extreme high myopia such as amblyopia or diseases of the macula or retina. If these exist it may limit the potential visual result. Lastly, it is somewhat more difficult to calculate the proper intraocular lens and one may end up with unexpected nearsightedness or farsightedness after surgery.

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