• What are the IOL options for someone with high myopia?


    I have high myopia—approximately -12 in both eyes—due to ROP. I have a rapidly progressing cataract in one eye and am planning to have it removed. If I had a monofocal lens put in for distance, how will I correct near vision since glasses will not be an option with such different vision needs in the two eyes?


    Double vision would occur if the difference in the refractive power of the two eyes is greater than 3.00 diopters. If you have a monofocal IOL implanted for distance in one eye and you are -12.00 in the other eye (a 12.00 diopter difference), you would see double for distance and for near with spectacles. If you are able to wear a contact lens in the -12.00 eye, you will not have double vision for distance. That same contact lens would allow you to wear a pair of reading glasses over both eyes for near vision, also without double vision. Another option is to wear a contact lens in the -12.00 eye that corrects most—but not all—of your myopia, leaving you a little nearsighted in the operated eye. This would be a form of monovision whereby one eye is focused for distance and the other is focused for reading. Many people find this an excellent combination for distance and near vision. I suggest to talk to your ophthalmologist who I am certain knows all about these options.

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