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  • Any suggestion on what is the best way to put on eye makeup after cataract surgery?


    I had cataracts removed a few years back but when I try to look in a mirror to put eye make-up on it's impossible. I can't wear glasses to do this as they would be in the way. Any suggestions are welcome as a lot of magnifying mirrors aren't good enough.


    You are experiencing the common issue of good vision at far, and blur at near after cataract surgery which requires near correction. But eyeglasses for near vision cover up the eye with a lens making application of make-up difficult. Most find magnifying mirrors, especially with internal lighting, to be helpful. Some invest in glasses (two sets) with the lenses removed; left in one and right in the other, so that you can see to apply make-up. If you can tolerate the pattern, some work well with a contact lens for near in one eye (we call that monovision) which allows for near vision for this purpose and other near needs. Discuss this with you ophthalmologist if you want to try it.

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