• Are There Drops For Chalazia Treatment?


    Is there any eye drop available to treat chalazia?


    A chalazion is a chronic, sterile granuloma in the eyelid. It is caused by reaction of sebaceous gland secretions that have entered the eyelid, rather than draining onto the ocular surface through the meibomian glands. The treatment of a small chalazion is often observation alone with expectation of spontaneous resolution over time. For larger lesions, surgical drainage is often the treatment of choice. Injection of steroids into the lesion is also sometime done and usually results in resolution. For children, who require general anesthesia for surgical treatment of a chalazion, most lesions are observed for a period of several months with surgical drainage only if the lesion fails to resolve spontaneously. Topical antibiotics can be useful in patients with concurrent infectious blepharitis. Additionally, tetracyclines are sometimes administered for prophylaxis when the patient has a history of recurrent lesions. Tetracyclines are generally not used in children for this indication, however.

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