• Should we be worried that when my child closes her right eye, that there is pain in the left eye brow?


    My 4-year-old girl often closes her right eye and complains of pain on the left eyebrow. The pain might not be severe because that answer is always solicited and sometimes she says there is no pain a few minutes afterwards. Her ophthalmologist checked for squint and said it was not noticeable. She said that she might grow out of the problem but she has been doing this for a little over two years. Do we have reason to be worried?


    This sounds like a habit or 'tic' that is encouraged by constant attention. Since it has been present for two years, that rules out things like tumors and vascular problems, and there is the reassurance of the examination by her ophthalmologist. The best strategy is to ignore this when she calls it to your attention. Give her the love she needs based upon the development of a 4-year-old and not based on this undoubtedly insignificant issue.

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