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  • Are there contact lenses that can protect the eyes from glance similar to sunglasses?


    We are shooting a film in the desert and need some contact lenses that act like sunglasses. They have to cause the actor not to squint as we are shooting night time scenes during the day. Do these exist? I understand you can get tinted contact lenses but we need them to not change the actors' eye color if possible.


    There are many companies that custom tint contact lenses for light sensitivity, migraines and other conditions. These are not typical contact lenses that are readily available. Most will have an effect on perceived eye color by others. Some companies make these in multiple colors so you may be able to get something close to the actor's natural eye color. An online search for “contact lenses for photophobia” results in a variety of products that may suit your needs. But I would first suggest contacting your ophthalmologist or a local optical shop as they should have reputable, trusted sources for these type of specialty lenses.

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