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  • Do I need to stop wearing contact lenses, prior to cataract surgery?


    I have been told that I must stop wearing my contact lenses for two to four weeks prior to my cataract surgery. Is this correct? I cannot find written information to support this.


    Patients need to be out of contact lenses prior to having preoperative measurements for cataract surgery. The length of this time depends on what contact lenses are worn. Contact lenses alter the shape of the corneal surface, a surface that is extremely important for measuring the type of lens to be placed with cataract surgery. The surface measurements are inaccurate if not out of the contact lenses, thereby leading to the wrong implant being placed with cataract surgery. Hard lenses should be discontinued for a longer time compared to soft contacts as they take longer for the corneal surface to return to normal. If these instructions are not followed prior to the cataract surgery measurements, your postoperative vision outcome can be disappointing.

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