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  • Is there any way to correct Marcus Gunn Jaw-Winking Syndrome?


    I have Marcus Gunn jaw-winking syndrome (when jaw movement causes eye to blink) and I want to know if there is a way to correct winking. Is there anybody who has had successful winking correction?


    Treatment of Marcus Gunn jaw-wink should be very conservative. There must also be a very good reason to undergo this treatment such as having a lid that droops significantly, blocking vision. Any oculoplastic surgeon can help you with this. The treatment involves disconnecting the muscle that lifts the lid since that is being activated by your jaw movement. The lid would then need to be lifted by implanting material in your upper lid in order to suspend the lid at proper height. There are obvious cosmetic implications of this procedure and it is often recommended to have it performed on both eyes so they look symmetric. I encourage you to find an oculoplastic surgeon in your area and consult them regarding your individual situation.

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