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  • What is the best treatment for a cut on the sclera


    I have a deep cut on the sclera. I had visited an eye doctor yesterday. He gave me some eye drops and bandaged my right eye. He has also prescribed a pain killer, but I'm still experiencing severe pain in my right eye. This happened two days ago. Is there any threat to my vision and do I need to undergo surgery?


    An ophthalmologist should immediately evaluate trauma to the eye as it can lead to devastating visual consequences. A scleral laceration needs to be carefully checked to make sure the eyeball was not ruptured and there is no damage to the surrounding structures. If you are having severe pain two days after your initial injury, you should be rechecked by your ophthalmologist. Further damage to the eye causing vision loss including infection, elevated intraocular pressure, or choroidal effusions can occur after the inciting event and close follow-up is necessary. The need for surgery depends on what problem is found.

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