• Any Danger from Leaving Refractive Errors Uncorrected?


    Is there any danger from leaving refractive errors (a focusing disorder of the eye, which includes nearsightedness, farsightedness, and astigmatism) uncorrected?


    Yes, in certain cases. Obviously operating machinery, driving a car and many other tasks will not be safe if there is a significant uncorrected refractive error. Unrecognized and/or uncorrected refractive errors can also lead to educational and social difficulties. However, I am assuming you are asking if there are dangers to the health of the eye.

    The connections from the eye to the brain develop in childhood up to about age 9 to 11. In order to have a clear connection, the eye has to obtain a clear image. Significant refractive error — if not corrected — can lead to amblyopia (lazy eye), which can cause a permanent reduction in vision because the connection from the eye did not deliver a clear image to the brain while the brain was developing.

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