• Should I be worried about the darkened skin around the eyes


    My husband has darkened skin around his eyes like a raccoon and it goes down toward his cheeks. What could be the cause of this? He’s had this since he was 8 and he is now 31. I’m worried because my 10-year-old daughter’s eyes are starting to look the same.


    I am sorry to be vague with my answer, but this is not enough information to allow me to assist very much. If your husband has had this since he is 8, and your 10-year-old daughter is developing it, I would suspect that this is a normal finding and genetically controlled. In other words, this is the way your husband's face and skin developed and your daughter has inherited the same skin coloring and anatomy. I doubt it is serious, but you should probably consult a dermatologist to determine the nature of this darkened skin. This could be one of many conditions including the subcutaneous deposition of medication but I doubt that your husband has been on medications since age 8 and that your daughter is on the same medications. Other causes are also possible. Consult your dermatologist.

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