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  • Did my six-month glutathione deficiency cause my cataracts?


    I have recently been diagnosed with cataracts. The doctor was surprised because he said I was about 10 years too young for the onset, and that they were just starting to form. In light of recent other illnesses, I may have had a glutathione deficiency for about six months. Could a six-month deficiency be long enough to cause cataracts to start forming?


    Glutathione deficiency has been associated with cataracts in mice. There is very little evidence that glutathione deficiency causes cataracts in humans, but it certainly is possible theoretically. I am not sure what your doctor means that you are ten years too young for cataracts because cataracts can occur at any age although they are more common as people age. Regardless of the cause, once a cataract is visually significant and is causing difficulties in normal activities, the treatment is to do cataract surgery.

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