• Do I need to seek medical attention for my droopy eyelid?


    I have a mild droopy eyelid on the left eye that started suddenly a few weeks ago and has not gone away since. Sometimes it almost goes away (usually after physical activity), other times it is more pronounced. No other symptoms are present (no headaches, no double vision, pupils are equal, no face muscle weakness). Is this a reason to seek medical attention and what kind of specialist is the best—primary physician or ophthalmologist?


    I would recommend that you see an oculoplastic surgeon. The sudden onset of intermittent ptosis (eyelid droopiness) should be evaluated. It may merely be the result of a mild allergy or early muscle weakness secondary to contact lens wear. However, there are other conditions such as thyroid eye disease (when your body’s immune system attacks its own tissues around the eye) or myasthenia gravis (a condition that causes muscles to weaken and tire easily) that may also be associated with a droopy lid.

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