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  • Do scratched lenses affect your prescription and/or the blue light coating?


    I got new glasses with anti-reflective and blue-light coating and I used lens wipes which caused mild scratches on my glasses. Should that affect the prescription or the protective coating of the glasses?


    Light scratches will not change the prescription or protective features of the lens, although they can be annoying if near your visual axis. Extensive scratches or loss of coatings can impair your clarity of vision and possibly decrease protection from UV light. You should show these lenses to the optician who dispensed them and discuss how you are cleaning them. Lower quality lenses and coatings will scratch more easily and may need to be replaced. Some lens wipes can scratch plastic lenses or damage the coatings. This can happen if the wipes are low quality, are used improperly, or if the wipe or lens has sand or grit on it.

    Answered by: 84054