• Does my son have a chalazion?


    I am just trying to find answers since I do not believe I am getting the correct information. Since my 4-year-old son was 14 months old, he has had what I believe were chalazia. However, all the doctors he has seen in the past have said it may be orbital cellulitis or a stye. After having done research on the Internet, I was wondering if someone could let me know if my son has a chalazion with the symptoms that I will describe. 1) his top eyelid starts off as swollen; 2) the next morning it is completely shut and then opens slightly after a few hours; 3) the top eyelid is completely swollen and becomes red; 4) My son says that it doesn't hurt; 5) eventually the swelling goes down and a pea size lump appears; 6) after a few weeks and warm compresses, the lump ruptures and the eyelid returns to normal. Could this be a chalazion?


    Yes, based on what you have described, this could be a chalazion. Warm compresses are often prescribed and the evolution of the condition is similar to what you have described. The eyelid can get very red and simulate cellulitis. I suggest that you talk with your ophthalmologist about ways to potentially prevent these from developing in the future.

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