• Will My Vision Worsen if I Wear My Glasses All the Time?


    I am both nearsighted and farsighted and began wearing my glasses full time about five years ago, at age 48. Is there any chance that my vision can get worse if I wear my glasses all the time? Do my eyes get more dependent on the prescription in the glasses?


    The terms "nearsighted" and "farsighted" are confusing. Significantly nearsighted persons of any age can read without glasses, but vision of distant objects is blurred without glasses. Farsighted persons first need glasses to read and then, as they age, also need glasses for clear distance vision. Wearing glasses full time will not weaken your eyes or make your eyes physically more dependent on eyeglasses. We humans become somewhat psychologically dependent on our eyeglasses simply because we feel better and we function better when our vision is clear.