• Can I have vitrectomy surgery with only mild sedation?


    I am anticipating vitrectomy with peribulbar block for a macular pucker. I would enjoy being able to experience and remember the visual perceptions during the procedure and am not fearful, and also want to avoid the unpleasant after effects of dizziness and queasiness with t oo much sedative. But it seems that Level 2 sedation is the accepted standard in America for this procedure. Is there any reason why Level 1 can't be used if I request it and am a good candidate? Other countries seem to be more open to using mild or even no sedation, with good outcomes. Is this a legal issue here?


    Each surgeon selects the type of anesthesia that they determine is safest for the patient and creates an environment that will optimize the surgical outcome. These questions should be discussed with your surgeon.

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