• What is the surgical procedure for eyelid ptosis?


    What is the surgical procedure for eyelid ptosis? Is a general or local anesthetic used?


    There are three types of droopy eyelid surgery. The procedure chosen is dependent on the amount of ptosis and strength of the muscles in the eyelid that raise the lid. If the eyelid is minimally to moderately droopy and the muscles have good to excellent strength, the surgeon may choose to perform a surgery where either the levator aponeurosis (the "tendinous" portion of the levator muscle) or Mueller's muscle is shortened. This surgery is called a levator resection or advancement of a Mueller's muscle resection. In adults, this procedure can be performed under a local anesthetic.

    If the ptosis is severe and the muscle function is poor, tightening the eyelid muscles may be inadequate to raise the eyelid. In this case, attaching a "suspender" beneath the eyelid skin linking the eyelid margin and the eyebrow will help to raise the droopy eyelid. This suspender may be a silicone thread, a slip of ePTFE or composed of one's own fascia lata. This procedure may be performed in an adult under a local anesthetic.

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