• Are there any eye exercises for children with myopia?


    My 4-year-old son just had his check-up and he has 20/100 vision (myopia). I have heard of eye exercises such as shifting focus using a pencil, etc. Are they effective, or at least not harmful to his health, including his vision? My husband and I have been wearing glasses and contact lenses since we were 7 or 8 years old, but our vision back then was not as bad as his. He will be examined by an eye doctor (D.O.) in two months. That is the earliest he can see the doctor, but it seems too far ahead. I would like to try anything (of course, safe) for his eyesight. I truly appreciate your advice.


    I would suggest that you take your son for the exam before you determine the diagnosis or any necessary treatment. You may very well be correct about myopia because of the positive family history in both parents. Eye exercises are neither effective or proven. It is best that the ophthalmologist makes a proper diagnosis.