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  • How harmful is it for a patient to bend after an eye surgery?


    I work in an eye hospital as a health educator, where I visit the inpatients and give the discharge instructions that they need to follow at home. Patients are often instructed to avoid bending after cataract, corneal transplants, glaucoma and retina surgeries. My question is how harmful is it for a patient to bend after an eye surgery? Especially considering that all of our patients are Muslims and they must bend while praying.


    No one knows the answer to this question for sure. I usually advise my patients to avoid excessive bending or strain after surgery for the first week. I advise them that there are some activities (such as putting on pants or shoes) that are nearly impossible to perform without some bending. I simply ask them to avoid unnecessary bending. Most patients undergoing uncomplicated cataract surgery may bend down after a day or two without complications. However, retinal surgery often includes the placement of a gas bubble. Patients with a gas bubble should avoid unnecessary movement, especially in a direction that may not be beneficial to their healing.

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