• How can I stop the spasm on my eyelids?


    How can I stop the spasm on my eyelids? First it was one eye then both of them. And now it's in different places around the eye. I am only 40 years old. Thanks!


    This sounds like a condition called blepharospasm. This is where the muscles of one or both eyelids forcibly spasm, causing the eye to squeeze shut. This symptom can be caused by ocular surface disease such as severe dry eye. Also, other types of irritations and inflammations, as well as numerous problems with the cornea, can cause blepharospasm. A full exam by an ophthalmologist is necessary to determine the cause. In many cases, no cause is found for this symptom and a diagnosis of benign essential blepharospasm is made. It is called benign because it is not associated with any disease and essential because you have no control over it. Botox injections can be used to paralyze the muscles that have spasm. This often improves symptoms, however the injections need to be repeated over time.

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