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  • Does Eyelid Surgery Cure Migraines?


    I get migraines and heard that eyelid surgery can cure migraines for some people. How does it work? Should I get an eyelid surgery for my migraines?


    It is not clear exactly how a migraine develops. But doctors think it may be related to changes in some of your brain’s chemicals. True migraine headaches are caused by constriction and dilation of cerebral blood vessels. This is not cured by eyelid surgery. An individual with very droopy eyelids or brows may be raising their forehead to improve their field of vision. This constant contraction may lead to a headache or strain. In this instance, eyelid (ptosis surgery or blepharoplasty) or forehead surgery, depending on the issue, may improve forehead fatigue.

    There is some new research that nerve decompression through an eyelid crease incision may help migraine patients in very specific cases, but it is much too soon to consider this as a standard treatment.

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