• Floaters from Eye Poke


    I got poked in the eye playing basketball and noticed peripheral flashes and floaters (small grey shadow) in the evening. I went to see an ophthalmologist and retina specialist the next day. Both said I do not have retinal tear/detachment or posterior vitreous detachment (or PVD, when the gel in the middle of the eye shrinks and separates from the back of the eye). My question is if I don't have a retinal tear/detachment or PVD, what is the reason I have these flashes and floaters from an eye poke? My second question, will it go away?


    You are correct that the greatest concern when one notes flashes and floaters after being poked in the eye would be a retinal tear/detachment or a PVD. In their absence, you may just be experiencing vitreous traction on the peripheral retina, or what could be called an impending PVD. If the symptoms are persisting, I encourage a repeat examination. Flashes of light will usually resolve and floaters will often diminish, but some floaters may now be permanent.

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