• What is the risk of large floaters after a posterior capsulotomy?


    I have vestibular disorder (malfunction of parts of the brain and inner ear that control balance and eye movements) stemming from right-eye cataract surgery three years ago. Now I need posterior capsulotomy in that eye and am concerned about the risk of large floaters that might make the vestibular problems worse. What is the risk of large floaters (requiring vitrectomy) after a posterior capsulotomy?


    Cataract surgery will not affect your vestibular system so I’m not sure what really is going on. However, a laser capsulotomy is normal in most everyone that has cataract surgery and should be quick, painless and rarely leaves you with long term significant floaters. You may notice some floaters in the first week after surgery, which is also normal. Also, there is no good alternative as the membrane will get more opacified and make the vision worse as time goes on.

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