• I take Flomax on a daily basis and I’ve heard that it can cause a problem during eye surgery. Is that true?


    I am getting to the point where my cataracts are interfering with my daily activities, so I think I'll have surgery soon. But I take Flomax on a daily basis, and I've heard that it can cause a problem during eye surgery. Is that true?


    Flomax and other alpha blockers used to treat prostate enlargement can potentially cause difficulty during cataract surgery, particularly if your ophthalmologist has not been forewarned. Other drugs in this alpha-blocker class include terazosin (Hytrin®), doxazosin (Cardura®) and alfuzosin (Uroxatral®). The alpha-blocker drugs are all regarded as safe and effective for the treatment of urinary symptoms due to prostate enlargement without harming the eyes. Occasionally, physicians prescribe these drugs to women to treat urinary incontinence. Alpha-blocker drugs block the dilator muscle in the iris, and during cataract surgery, the pupil needs to be dilated. However, preliminary results of a study found that patients taking alpha-blocker prostate drugs can still have successful surgery if their surgeon knows they are taking or have ever taken these drugs and alters surgical technique. Make sure that you talk to your ophthalmologist about Flomax and any other drugs that you may be taking.

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