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  • Glasses for One Eye After Cataract Surgery?


    I am severely myopic in both eyes. I’ve worn glasses since age 6 and am now over 65. I just had a monofocal lens put in my dominant/reading eye after cataract surgery. I can't read as I have done for decades. No glasses, with book five inches away from left eye. As I have multiple pairs of glasses (computer/driving/bifocals/progressive), should I just get a dummy lens put in temporarily into the left/operated upon eye?


    What you are describing is very common for nearsighted patients after cataract surgery, especially while they are waiting to get cataract surgery in the other eye. You may find placing a blank or "dummy" lens over your operated eye causes more trouble than the expense is worth. You probably will be best served getting a pair of +2.50 or +2.75 over- the-counter reading glasses for your up-close work and relying on your operated left eye in the distance until you can get the right eye corrected to a similar level as the left.

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