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  • Am I doing any damage to the eye with glaucoma if I wear an eyepatch when my eye is tired?


    I have been diagnosed with closed-angle glaucoma in one eye. I had an iridotomy and take Azopt three times a day and Combigan two times a day. My eye tires very easily when doing any close-up work and it feels much better if I just cover the bad eye while working. Is this putting too much strain on my "good" eye? Am I doing any damage to the eye with glaucoma? Is it OK to wear an eye patch when my eye is tired?


    The eye fatigue that you are noticing could be related to the glaucoma in the eye if you have lost substantial vision or it could be a side effect of the eye drops or merely normal aging. It is good that your closed-angle glaucoma has been diagnosed and that you had an iridotomy in that eye. If you have primary closed-angle glaucoma it is also important to have your other eye evaluated and perhaps it has already had an iridotomy which can be preventative for angle-closure in the future.

    You are not putting strain or causing any harm to your "good" eye by using it nor will this affect the glaucoma in your other eye. If the eye feels better by covering it or shutting the eye that will not do any harm. I urge you discuss these issues with your ophthalmologist and also be sure that your pressure is well controlled and there are no other problems with your eyes.

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