• Granddaughter opens her eyes very wide while sitting in the car, eating, etc. Should we be concerned?


    My 20-month-old granddaughter has just started opening her eyes real wide just out of the blue, for example, while sitting in the car, eating, etc. This will last a couple of seconds. What could be the reasoning behind this and should we be concerned?


    If the child's developmental milestones have all been met appropriately at the pediatric visits and vision testing has been normal at the pediatric office, I do not see a cause for alarm. This is not characteristic for any particular eye problem and may just be a way for your child to try to see more or to attract attention. Having said that, some "tics" or habits can form at a young age. If any concern continues you may have your pediatrician refer you to a pediatric eye doctor to make sure ocular development is normal.

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