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  • Have studies shown that GLA supplements are effective?


    I have seen ads for GLA supplements like black currant oil claiming to help with dry eye. Have studies corroborated the efficacy of supplements like HydroEye?


    Omega 3 supplements have been shown to reduce inflammation and tear evaporation in patients with dry eyes. GLA (or Gamma Linoleic Acid) is a source of Omega-6 that is helpful when taken with Omega 3.

    Omega 3 or GLA vitamin supplements are popular since most people on a Western diet do not get enough Omega 3 (found naturally in nuts, seeds and oily fish). But because omega 3 and GLA are vitamins, specific branded supplements like HydroEye do not undergo FDA approval like other pharmaceutical medications. As a result, claims regarding efficacy or medical benefits are not corroborated by third parties. Over time, Omega 3 and GLA supplementation has gathered more support from ophthalmologists as another tool to treat the symptoms of dry eye.

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