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  • How can I find help for my husband with his severe eye issues from ANCA-negative granulomatosis with polyangiitis?


    My husband has ANCA-negative granulomatosis with polyangiitis (a rare disease of the blood vessels that affects many organs and tissues including the eyes) and has severe eye issues. We have seen numerous ophthalmologists (that claim they can treat vasculitis) and most often leave after a diagnosis of allergies. One doctor did say he had no idea what was going on or how to treat him. How do we go about finding an ophthalmologist that is truly knowledgeable in treating patients with vasculitis-related eye issues?


    Few ophthalmologists have experience with this condition since it is so uncommon. The best strategy would be to seek out the uveitis specialist in a major medical center close to where you reside. Most major departments have a specialist in these conditions.

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