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  • How can I treat my Bell’s palsy?


    I'm recovering from Bell’s palsy (a nerve problem that weakens or paralyzes the muscles on one side of your face) on the left side that I got six months ago. I get watery eyes and left eye twitching especially when I chew at meal times. What extra treatment can I get? I'm currently on neurobion for six months.


    The process of recovery can be slow for a Bell’s palsy. When the seventh nerve (nerve that controls facial expression) is damaged, the muscles on the side of the face don’t work correctly. Sometimes there is abnormal or misdirected nerve regrowth after Bell’s palsy. So the nerve that controls the salivary gland may now go to the lacrimal gland (responsible for the tear system in the eye). This is why you may be tearing while eating. Tearing can also be the result of exposure and dryness from your eyelid not working properly. The eye twitching with jaw movement (called synkinesis) is also related to these new misdirected nerves. You may wish to use tear drops to lubricate your eye. Botox injections can treat both the tearing and the twitching.

    Please discuss these symptoms with your ophthalmologist or neurologist.

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