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  • How do you suggest I fix my focusing problems resulting from my facial paralysis?


    I had Bell's palsy (a nerve problem that affects the muscles of your face) two years ago. The muscles of my right eye (the side that was affected) are weak. My right does not pick up as much light as the left, the pupil dilates slower and the muscle is weaker. I know I have synkinesis (mismatched wiring of muscles from improper retraining) from recovering from the facial paralysis and this causes my eye to go out of focus when making certain facial expressions. How do you suggest I go about fixing this? I'm 21 and have been wearing glasses for 3 years. I do not expect a miraculous change in my vision, I'm just looking to strengthen the muscle for a brighter future.


    It is unfortunate that we currently do not have a solution for controlling the intraocular mechanisms of accommodation. You may wish to speak with your ophthalmologist, or a neurophthalmologist. Perhaps there is a type of contact lens or multifocal lens that may help you. Additionally, you may be a candidate for a Botox injection to soothe the extent of the synkinesis.

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