• How long is healing after nevus surgery? Will there be a scar?


    How long does it take the eye to heal after removal of a nevus (a mole on the eye that is typically harmless) on the surface of the eye? And if a scar remains after surgery, will this also fade in time?


    It depends on the depth of the nevus and what part of the eye surface it developed on. If it was removed from the outermost layer of the white of the eye, it typically takes six to eight weeks for the redness and inflammation to resolve. If stitches were used, they may take some time to dissolve. Anti-inflammatory medications can speed the recovery and help with healing. Scarring of the white of the eye tends to resolve over three to six months but some left-over redness over the area of removal may persist for years. This will also tend to decrease or fade with time but rarely some redness in the surgical area may persist.

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