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  • How long will my eyelid droop after an abrasion?


    I had a corneal abrasion about a month ago. My eye was swollen and droopy but opened up a bit about two weeks later. My eye now is still a little bit droopy and I can definitely tell that my eyelid does not look the same as my other eye. This makes it look like one eye is bigger than the other. How much longer do I need to wait till my eyelid goes back to normal again?


    It can take from 6-12 months after trauma for the eyelids to return to their normal position. In some cases (usually direct eyelid or orbital trauma) they do not, and ptosis (droopy eyelid) repair is needed to regain normal eyelid position. Given that the described injury does not involve eyelid trauma, I would expect it to resolve, but it still could take weeks to months. If there are any questions about whether things are healing properly, I would seek evaluation by an ophthalmologist or oculoplastic surgeon.


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