• How much should my RGP lens be moving?


    How much should my RGP lens be moving? I received my RGP lenses yesterday. With every blink, both lenses slide down a lot. The top of the lens moves down until it's right above my pupil. It makes for very blurry vision. I slide it back into place, but I can see it slide back down. I can't get in again until next week. When I called they told me to continue wearing them. Is this normal? What should I do?


    Rigid gas permeable contact lenses (a hard contact lens that’s helpful for those with astigmatism or keratoconus) move with each blink more significantly than with soft contact lenses. However, the vision should not be affected because the RGP lens re-centers quickly. If the RGP lens does not slide easily underneath the upper lid, the vision may be impaired for a longer period of time. You should see your eye doctor to reexamine the fit. Interventions such as artificial tears are not likely to help.

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