• Best Way to Put Drops in Your Eyes?


    What is the best way to put drops into your eyes? I blink a lot and have small eyes. When I put the drops in they seem to end up on my eye lashes.


    You are not alone in your difficulty in applying eye drops. I advise my patients to shake their drops vigorously for a minute or so prior to using them. Next I advise them to lean their head back and look up to some spot on the ceiling. One hand pulls the lower eyelid down as the other hand, with the drop, attempts to deposit the drop in the space between the eyeball and the lower lid. Remember, if you miss with the drop, you can always try again. You will not overdose yourself with an eye drop. Another suggestion is to put the drops in the refrigerator. It makes the drops cold and one can more easily feel the drop when it hits the eye and know that you have been successful in the placement of the eye drop.

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