• Will Near Vision IOL Help Distance Vision Too?


    I'm nearsighted and my uncorrected vision in one eye is about 20/200. I can see up close but have a cataract (cloudy natural lens). If I have an intraocular lens set for near vision implanted during cataract surgery, what will my distance vision change to in that eye? I'm thinking it could only get better?


    This is an impossible question to answer. There isn’t a precise way to predict your uncorrected distance vision for a given amount of nearsightedness. I’ve had patients with less than one diopter (-1.00) of post-cataract surgery nearsightedness who see only 20/80, and others with more than four diopters (-4.00) of post-cataract surgery nearsightedness who can see 20/30. I can say that if your nearsightedness is lessened after cataract surgery, your distance is vision is likely to be better: both for refractive reasons and because the cataract will be gone!

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