• If my eye is blind and slowly shrinking, how long will it be before my eye has to be removed?


    I have a long history of keratoconus (cone-shaped cornea). I had four failed transplants, a K-pro implant, and another graft along with two shunts for pressure. My eye is now blind and slowly shrinking and dying. I am wondering how long this process takes before the eye has to be removed? It is quite painful. I am using a lot of ibuprofen. In your opinion, would it be overkill to be on Percocet for pain? Do you have any other recommendations?


    Eye drops may be able to help with the pain, but if your pain is debilitating you can discuss removal of the eyeball with your ophthalmologist. You could also discuss pain management with your doctor. Once the eye is removed, a cosmetic prosthetic can be created to improve appearance and comfort and enable you to return to your normal activities.

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