• Injection alternatives for helioid unifocal idiopathic choroiditis?


    My 5-year-old was diagnosed with helioid unifocal idiopathic choroiditis at 3. She has been having Eyelea injections for a year now and prior to that she had Avastin. The Eyelea is starting to lose its effectiveness. What are some alternative treatments? This affects her central vision.


    Helioid unifocal idiopathic choroiditis, when a patient has a single spot with a helioid (or sun-like) appearance inside their eye, is a very unusual condition and there are very limited studies on the effective treatment. If you are concerned about the progression of the disease, I would encourage you to seek a further opinion. There are a small number of retina specialists who have particular expertise in pediatric retina, and you may want to identify one of those subspecialists. Please use our Find an Ophthalmologist tool to arrange an evaluation with a pediatric retinal specialist in your area.

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