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  • Is aging causing my discomfort from contact lenses?


    Can age and eyelid drooping interfere with hybrid lenses used for keratoconus? I have a problem that worsens as I wear the lenses throughout the day. I’m assuming it’s the constant blinking with the extra weight of my eyelid.


    Hybrid contact lenses combine the visual sharpness of a rigid gas permeable (RGP) contact lens with the comfort of a soft lens. The comfort of hybrid or any other type of contact lens is related to the health of the eye. While eyelid height and age do not directly affect the comfort of the contact lenses, there are other factors of the eyelids that can impact tolerance. Your eye doctor will focus on whether or not your eyes are lubricated enough for contact lenses or if the underside of the eyelids are swollen and inflamed in response to the contacts (giant papillary conjunctivitis). They will also examine the fit of the contact lens on the surface of the eye, as a poorly fit contact lens can increase discomfort throughout the day.

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